Cocoons are incredibly resilient. The patented framework is designed to withstand years of wear and tear. The lens systems are also extremely durable, but no lens is totally shatter-proof, scratch-proof, or unbreakable. Premium lenses such as our Polaré system require careful treatment. Improper use, care, or cleaning can scratch or haze the lenses, which may in turn cause eyestrain. To keep your Cocoons in optimum condition, we recommend following our use and care guidelines.

Use & Care Recommendations

Keeping Your Cocoons Clean

Cocoons are often utilized in extreme conditions and environments. Whenever your glasses get dirty, it’s important to clean them as soon as you can. Leaving debris on the lens surface can contribute to diminished performance and even damage. When not using your Cocoons, storing them in the case provided will help keep them clean.

We recommend always using a micro-fiber cloth to clean your Cocoons. Do not use paper towels, tissue paper, or clothing, as they may grind dust and fibers into the lens surface, creating minute scratches that over time will cloud or haze the lens. This will diminish visual acuity. We provide a complimentary micro-fiber cleaning cloth with each pair and we recommend keeping it in your case so it’s always accessible. We also offer a jumbo-sized cleaning towel. These towels make cleaning the glasses much easier and are one of our most popular optional accessories. It is important to periodically wash your micro-fiber cleaning cloth. All of our official Cocoons cloths and towels are machine washable.

Oversized eyewear cleaning cloth is extremely soft and is perfect for cleaning even the largest eyewear lenses

Lens Cleaning Solutions

It’s always best to use a lens cleaning solution specifically developed for eyewear. Avoid using household detergents, cleansers, or soaps, as they aren’t designed for use on the non-glass lens components of Polaré systems. While a few mild soaps won’t harm lenses, today’s extra-strength soaps are powerful enough to disintegrate lens coatings. Glass cleaners are also highly corrosive and can damage your lenses quickly. While none of these products will do immediate apparent damage to your Polaré lens system, over time (and especially with repetition), the damage will become apparent. Cleaning your Cocoons with household or industrial cleaners will damage the lenses and possibly the frame finish, and damage caused by improper cleaning is not covered under warranty.

We recommend using our Cocoons Cleaning Solution. The solution cleans your lenses while also providing anti-fog treatment and anti-static treatments, which help keep the lenses clear between cleanings. The large 2oz spray pump typically lasts six months with normal use.


Storing Your Cocoons

We suggest keeping your Cocoons in the official case when not wearing them. Never store your Cocoons in spaces with extremely high temperatures or lots of direct sunlight, such as the dashboard of an unventilated car. Prolonged, long term exposure to high temperatures can damage the Soft Touch finish and possibly the lens substrate. Also avoid placing Cocoons in your purse or pocket, as items like keys or combs can scratch the lenses. When you’re not using a case, never leave your Cocoons with the lenses facing down, as they can easily get scratched.

You can also wear your Cocoons on a lanyard around your neck. If you’re in and out of the sun constantly, a lanyard is a must so you’re not having to put your sunglasses away all the time. We offer a 100% cotton Cocoons lanyard that features an adjustable toggle, which allows you to secure the Cocoons tightly when wearing them during everyday use and athletic activity.

Also available for storing your Cocoons with your prescription eyewear is the Tandem dual compartment case. This Cocoons case features an additional hard-shell compartment for storing your prescription eyewear with your Cocoons.

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We’re Here to Help

If you have questions about caring for your Cocoons, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us directly. Our representatives will provide you with factory-direct expertise and assistance.