Mini Slim (MS) Ink Polarised Copper

Model: C4114C

71,95 (incl. VAT/excl. shipping cost)

The hand painted, electric Soft Touch finish featured on these Cocoons is unmistakable. Vivid blues are splashed around our bold, polarised copper lens system. Precisely engineered to dramatically increase contrast, the Polare copper tint is a preferred choice for outdoor sporting activities. The enhanced depth perception delivered by the unique tint helps improve safety whilst bathing the eyes in a warm light that reduces eyestrain and fatigue. These low profile Cocoons have been made famous by the sleek, unisex styling.

“The colour is cool but I really like the copper lenses—good even when it’s overcast. You can wear them whenever.” 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5) Lee G., Atlanta, GA

Mini Slim ink Cocoons fitover sunglasses
Mini Slim (MS) Ink Polarised Copper