Style Line (MX) Sand Polarised Copper

Model: C705C

71,95 (incl. VAT/excl. shipping cost)

A Soft Touch, wet sand chassis provides a coastal inspired platform for our polarised copper lens system. Precisely engineered to dramatically increase contrast, the Polare copper tint is a preferred choice for outdoor sporting activities. The enhanced depth perception delivered by the unique tint helps improve safety whilst bathing the eyes in a warm light that reduces eyestrain and fatigue. Deceptively fusing the practical functionality of a larger fitover with contemporary fashion, the Style Line accommodates large prescription glasses without sacrificing aesthetics.

“My friend used the copper lenses for rafting and boating and swore by them. Gave them a try myself and loved them. On my third pair now!” 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) Craig F., Kimberling City, MO

Sand Cocoons fitover sunglasses with copper
Style Line (MX) Sand Polarised Copper