Vistana Medium (M) Burgundy Polarised Copper

Model: W409C

77,95 (incl. VAT/excl. shipping cost)

The Vistana collection departs from traditional over-prescription sunglass design for seamless, fashion-driven frame styles all without sacrificing the overwhelmingly popular functionality of our fitovers. The patented designs feature scratch-resistant Polare polarised lenses with Dynamic Base Lens technology that eliminates the need for separate side shields, giving the frames a sleek, elegant appearance.

The rich, back-sprayed Burgundy Vistana features a translucent finish and pairs excellently with our dynamic copper lenses. The copper lenses enhance depth perception and reduce eyestrain and fatigue with their warm tint. The Med size is extremely comfortable and popular and accommodates a wide range of prescription eyewear sizes.

Not sure which Vistana frame size will accurately fit over your glasses? Use our Vistana Size Finder to identify the appropriate size.

Vistana Medium (M) Burgundy Polarised Copper